A Quick Study, Lessons Learned


By robgale November 20, 2018

The image on the left is by an artist named Sergey Kolesov (aka Peleng) the image on the right is my “study” of his sketch

Sergey Kolesov, aka Peleng is a concept artist who’s work I really admire. It’s creative, interesting, it’s got a sense of humor and the painterly qualities are spot on. With just a little bit of time, I decided to do a quick study of his sketch “Stranger” which caught my attention because of the ways that he indicates in this sketch without getting deep into the weeds with rendering and refinement. 

I learned a few things from doing this study, but the one thing that stood is how well he achieves a loose quality to his work while keeping his shapes and forms crisp and descriptive. It’s easy to go too far in one direction or another, to either overrender, over define, or over detail, but it’s also easy to put down marks that don’t mean anything, that are sloppy and loose, but don’t describe anything

On top of that, when working digitally, it’s especially easy to have this look where things are too flat, too perfect, too clean. So keeping a sense of texture and letting the process show through is particularly important. All that while trying to maintain a sense of light, balance of shapes, atmosphere, a sense of realism. 

My biggest lesson here was seeing how quickly I could indicate something like the light shining through the window, and keeping that loose and random, I think works okay. It becomes a matter of learning where to focus, what kinds of things are good loose and messy and left to chance, and what kinds of things need definition and attention and care and a slow hand. 


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