Dynamism in Poses


By robgale December 20, 2018

Left: A drawing from 2015, straightforward pose Right: A current drawing where I’m trying to work out the details of how each piece of the character works in 3 dimensional space.

In real life, we rarely see anything straight on or in pure profile. Things in our world are always moving, changing. One way to give a character more of a sense of life is to make sure that nothing is symmetrical or straight on. This is difficult because it’s easier to draw the idea of, say a face, and draw it symmetrically, with both sides mirroring each other. To think constantly about the way that elements are tilting in 3D space takes a lot of thought, experience, and consciousness.

This is something I’m working on right now, being more specific and detailed about every piece of the drawing, rather than simply going on autopilot with what I know well. I understand the proportions of the face and the human form, and knowing this is a great starting point. Proportions though are an idea, a concept, and if we rely on them too much, we end up locked in to these straight forward or profile views, because that’s the only way you can really learn proportions.

But if we want to have any sense of immersiveness in our work, we need to break free of these ideas and learn to recreate reality in our minds and on the page in detailed and specific ways.


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