Spider Witch Part 2


By robgale November 16, 2018

As I continue to work on this Spider Witch piece, I’m finally solidifying some of the compositional elements, and while I will continue to refine and work on the shape language, I’ve mostly got the composition as I want it. I’ve started to add in some color, lighting and atmospheric effects to see how the black and white shapes play out.

The lighting in my first version didn’t totally make sense to me, so I started thinking of the light as a hole in the cave coming down from above, with the background light being more of a secondary source rather than the main source. My next steps will be to do one more pass on refining shapes, and move more into trying to create a sense of realism and atmosphere, before moving into textures, local colors, and edges. I’ll finish everything off with a pass at giving everything a more painterly quality. 


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