Subtle Foreshortening


By robgale November 13, 2018

“Admiral Kirk” by J.C. Leyendecker. Note how Leyendecker uses shapes that trace the form of the arm to help maintain an illusion of depth.

I’m studying J.C. Leyendecker right now to get a sense of how he describes clothing in his paintings because his work has such a strong, geometrical quality to his forms. Here, in “Admiral Kirk” notice how the arm is coming forward in space, and yet the folds seem to be doing all sorts of things that could easily destroy the illusion of depth. There are a variety of tools he’s using here to give that sense of depth, but a subtle one that stood out to me was the way that he used areas of the folds that are closer to the arm underneath to emphasize the tubular shape beneath the loosely fitting shirt sleeve.


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